About Us

Our mission is to create a sustainable market for Peruvian handicrafts in Australia and to promote Peruvian Artisan skills, to ensure that artists receive a fair price for their professional skills.

We believe in empowering Peruvian communities by promoting fair-trade principles at markets and through community education programs.

Hands Across the Andes is linked with a children's charity Nazca Dreaming Society. This charity is an art-based, cross-cultural environmental education program that connects rural schools in Australia and Peru.

To read more about the project we facilitated between Australia and Peru, please visit our website: www.nazcadreaming.asn.au

Hands Across the Andes and Nazca Dreaming are collaborating to promote awareness of fair-trade benefits via our websites, special events and at the community markets we attend in Australia. We also promote the awareness of fair-trade during our schools program.