Calicampo produce garments and accessories from the natural fibre of baby Alpaca. All items are made by hand using several dye techniques all of them using organic dyes, one of the techniques is using dyes that is extracted directly from local natural sources such as various vegetables, minerals, and also cochineal which is an insect.

Calicampo’s employees artisan’s, mothers, knitters, who take great pride in their work and have achieved the Peruvian Trade Association’s 2009 highest award. Their work at Calicampo provides them with fair trade wages, continuing education opportunities, medical care, stable, and a safe work environment. In December 2012, Calicampo receive official accreditation as a Fairtrade organisation.

Miguel Paz Co-Founder Calicampo said “Our business would not be possible without the talent and dedication of our employees, therefore we insist on fair trade practices, offering living wages, training, social security, vacation time, flexible hours and safe, happy working conditions.

The opportunities we provide extend beyond our employees and into the community. In addition to supporting the local economy through the taxes we pay, several small locally owned businesses have opened to provide the materials and support we need to operate.”

ETHNIC PERU SAC is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of knitted garments made from alpaca fiber in a Fair Trade compliant atmosphere.

We offer fair wages with full benefit packages to more than 40 employees and staff. We have also organized groups of artists who in return offer us services in specific stages of production, such as embroidery, crochet, applications, etc. in their own workshops. We believe that satisfied, happy workers will create the highest quality products for our customers.

Our products are made from 100% baby alpaca. We work with combination materials upon request. Our garments are generally industrially produced for a more efficient and modern quality, but hand finishing gives the piece a touch of art and style that is unique to our company.

MILHUA “create and develop accessories and clothes in dream fabrics that caress you”
Milhua's Director says "What motivates me to do this kind of work is to see natural fibres transformed into garments. We use as reference natural colours including those you see in the Andean landscape, the jungle, and the coast. I come from an artistic background; therefore the world to me seems more about creativity than technology. Each person is an artist at heart, I think we only need to let our 'artist' out."

The Milhua business group believes in the importance of creating a comfortable environment for their staff. They offer staff flexible hours to suit their family requirements, a chef prepares all meals for staff, and childcare staffs are employed to care for their children.

For over ten years Milhua have been creating colour in people lives .

Tom Gutie (TG) was established in 2001 in Lima Peru to produce fine garments, accessories, jackets, coats and scarves. All garments are made from the natural fibre of Baby Alpaca (70%) and Merino Wool (30%). They guarantee the craftsmanship and the quality and exclusivity of their products.

TG work closely with the camélidos (alpaca breeders) to improve the research and development of the industry. They also help the breeders' families by providing social and economic support.

The company has a strong commitment to developing the business under the fair-trade principles